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About Us

Rebel Weddings is a refreshing and innovative wedding planning service that empowers couples to break away from conventional norms and design their dream wedding on their terms. With Rebel Weddings, couples are given the freedom to handpick every aspect of their special day, from the unique venue that truly speaks to their personalities, to the carefully selected flowers that perfectly capture their vision. By allowing couples to choose their own Minister and Photographer, Rebel Weddings ensures that the most important elements of the ceremony and capturing memories are tailored to their individual preferences. Throughout the process, the dedicated Rebel Wedding coordinator expertly weaves all the chosen elements together, creating a seamless and unforgettable experience for the couple and their guests.

Your wedding, your way !

With Rebel Weddings, lovebirds can embrace their rebellious spirit and celebrate their union in a way that feels authentic to who they are as a couple. The personalized touch of selecting their Minister means the couple can have someone who truly understands and reflects their beliefs and values, while the chosen Photographer captures each moment, emotion, and detail in a way that resonates with their style. Rebel Weddings is a testament to the power of individuality, allowing couples to curate a day that not only marks the beginning of their journey together but also stands as a bold statement of their unique love story. Discover more on our blog

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Meet the Founder

Dan Vallance is a visionary Wedding Industry professional with a remarkable career spanning both the corporate world and the wedding industry. Prior to his foray into the Las Vegas wedding sector, Dan honed his skills working with iconic brands such as Disney, Royal Caribbean, and Cunard. Managing the wedding photo operations with these industry giants equipped him with invaluable experience in delivering exceptional customer experiences and orchestrating unforgettable events.

With over a decade of dedicated service managing a renowned wedding venue in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, Dan identified an unmet need in the market. Fueled by his passion for creating uniquely tailored wedding experiences, he embarked on a mission to redefine the Vegas wedding scene.

In pursuit of this vision, Dan founded 'Rebel Weddings', an enterprise committed to providing couples with a truly bespoke wedding experience. What sets Rebel Weddings apart is its unwavering dedication to granting couples the freedom to craft their dream wedding. This encompasses a diverse array of venue options, a selection of skilled photographers, ministers, and an extensive choice of floral arrangements.

Dan's professional journey has always been underpinned by a steadfast commitment to superior service. This ethos has been the driving force behind his success, earning him a reputation as a leader in the wedding industry. With Rebel Weddings, Dan Vallance has not only revolutionized the way couples experience weddings in Las Vegas but has also set a new standard for personalized, unforgettable ceremonies. His innovative approach and unwavering dedication continue to shape the landscape of destination weddings in Las Vegas.

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