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Las Vegas Hotel Wedding Packages

Las Vegas Hotel Wedding Packages

All-Inclusive Las Vegas Hotel Wedding Chapel Package

What is Included:

45 Min Chapel Time

Our never rushed wedding ceremonies allow plenty of time for your ceremony, photos and spending time with guests. We will work with you to have the ceremony of your dreams.

Photography & Video

We LOVE photography and know how important it is for you to look back on your special day.


All photos are edited and the digital high resolution files and copyrights are included !

Your ceremony will be captured in stunning 4K video.


Choose from our selection of seasonal bouquets and boutonnieres. Each collection includes:

Bride Bouquet

Brooms Boutonnière

Maid Of Honor Bouquet

Best Man Boutonnière

View Floral Options

Photo Tour

Our never rushed wedding experiences also include a one hour photo tour of downtown Las Vegas. Street Art, Historic Vegas sights and Neon Lights will give your Vegas Wedding photos the cool factor.

This tour can be done before or after your ceremony or even on another day.


One hour of reception photography

Rebel T-shirts

Show off your Vegas wedding experience with a pair of Rebel Weddings T-shirts.

Your choice will be shipped following your ceremony

End to End Filing Service

Every couple will require a Nevada State Marriage license Apply Here

(not required for a vow renewal) 

10 days after your ceremony you can order your certified copies online.

Need the faster.... talk to your minister, they can expedite the procedure.


No Hidden fees | Never Rushed | Everything Included

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I want more !!!

Optional Add-Ons:

Limo Ride

A six passenger limo ride from your Las Vegas strip hotel.


$99 each way

Party Bus

Let's get the party started early !


Party Bus options start at:

$250 per hour

Hair and Make Up

Coming Soon

More Time

Your package included 45 mins of chapel time this is normally plenty of time without being rushed. However, if you have a large group and want them all in photos, the extra hour maybe needed.


$300 each added hour

Champagne Toast

Want to say a few words after your ceremony and photos. 

We will serve champagne to your guests in plastic champagne flutes. 

$5 per person

Apple cider is also available for the little rebels.


Add a wedding cake to your champagne toast.

Pricing based on the number of guests.

Las Vegas Hotel Wedding Packages at the Lexi Hotel

The "Rebel Weddings" package at The Lexi Hotel offers couples an exceptional, all-inclusive wedding experience set within the luxurious confines of this distinguished venue. This package is tailored to provide couples with a seamless and customizable wedding celebration, allowing them to craft their day according to their unique desires.

Highlighted features of the "Rebel Weddings" package include:


  1. Comprehensive Inclusivity: This package encompasses a wide array of crucial wedding elements, alleviating couples from the burdens of coordinating multiple vendors and details.

  2. Freedom to Select Your Officiant: A defining characteristic of this package is the liberty it affords couples in choosing the officiant who will preside over their wedding ceremony. This enables couples to align the ceremony with their personal beliefs and preferences, forging a meaningful and individualized experience.

  3. Choice of Photographer: Another key facet of the "Rebel Weddings" package is the ability to pick a photographer from the list of authorized vendors provided by Rebel Weddings. This empowers couples to capture their cherished moments through the lens of a professional who can immortalize the memories in a style that resonates with them.

  4. Customizable Floral Arrangements: The package allows couples to select their floral arrangements from a carefully curated list of endorsed vendors. This means that couples have the autonomy to choose flowers and designs that harmonize with their vision for the day, imbuing a personal touch to the overall ambiance.

  5. Stately Setting at The Lexi Hotel: The Lexi Hotel, with its opulent surroundings, provides an elegant and refined backdrop for the wedding. The sophisticated decor and refined atmosphere create a captivating environment for couples to exchange vows.

  6. Professional Coordination: The Rebel Weddings team likely provides adept coordination services to ensure that all facets of the wedding day flow seamlessly. This can encompass assistance with logistics, timelines, and any other details contributing to a flawless event.

  7. Supplementary Services: Depending on the specific package particulars, there may be additional services included, such as catering, music, and more. These services can be tailored to the couple's preferences.


In summary, the "Rebel Weddings" package at The Lexi Hotel offers couples a fusion of convenience and customization, enabling them to fashion a wedding day that mirrors their unique love story and style. With the freedom to choose vital elements like the officiant, photographer, and floral arrangements, couples can infuse their distinct personalities into every facet of their special day. The grandeur of The Lexi Hotel provides a magnificent canvas for an unforgettable and sophisticated wedding celebration.


Like what you see? Get in touch to learn more.

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