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10 Qualities of a Good Marriage, and How to Prepare

Updated: Nov 16

"First comes love, then comes marriage..." as the old saying goes. But a lot also goes into marriage before and after you've said "I Do." With marriage rates encountering a 60% decline over the past 50 years, choosing the right partner to spend your life with is more important than ever.

10 qualities of a good marriage

You must ensure you understand the key elements of making a lifelong and happy relationship. There are 10 qualities of a good marriage you must recognize. Keep reading below for ways to help you better prepare yourself for the big day and the next chapter of your lives together.

10 Qualities of a Good Marriage

Even with declining marriage rates, Nevada still plays host to the highest number of completed marriage certificates. In 2021, there was an average of 26.2 weddings per every 1,000 people.

Your marriage starts the day you meet your potential future spouse. While love at first sight is possible, look beyond physical attraction to their underlying traits and attributes. Marriage takes hard work and commitment by both parties to keep the spark alive for years to come. Before you get your Nevada state marriage license, examine these 10 qualities of a good marriage for more in-depth insights.

1. Good Communication

Communication is one of the top 10 qualities of a good marriage for a reason. It is a vital element of keeping a marriage going strong. You need to be able to discuss any potential ups and downs that may occur in your marriage, such as job loss, relocating, illness, or infidelity.

Good communication involves both sides having a say in the relationship. When one person is speaking, the other person works to actively listen to what is said. Open communication means that you can talk about whatever is on your mind without the fear of being judged or having it turn into an argument. You need to have good communication skills and be able to talk about tough subjects like whether or not you want to have children together. If you and your partner have religious differences, ensure you are okay with them. 65% of divorces are a result of poor communication. For a happy relationship and a good marriage, open and respectful communication is key. So make sure you are marrying someone you can have important discussions with.

2. Trust

Trust is another one of the top 10 qualities of a good marriage. Trust is not something that happens overnight. It takes time and effort to build trust with one another.

Trusting your partner and potential spouse means you can rely on them to make the best decisions for your joint relationship. This includes areas like shared finances. It also means being there for one another when you need extra help. When you can trust your partner, you believe that they will remain faithful to you and only you unless you have stipulated that you are in an open marriage. If you already have children, you're entrusting your spouse to raise them with care and respect.

A little bit of trust can go a long way in a relationship. Your partner is someone you can confide in and share your secrets with. Before you book your wedding venue, take the time to ask yourself if your partner is someone you can really trust.

3. Empathy

Empathy is often overlooked as one of the 10 qualities of a good marriage. Having empathy means understanding and sharing one another's emotions and mindsets, not just phoning in care on the surface.

For example, if your partner comes home from a long day at work and just wants to talk to you about some of the things they're feeling, you would be able to set aside this time to listen to them. If they had a good day and they want to share something with you, it also involves taking the time to be happy for them and celebrating their success.

Using empathy allows us to step into another person's shoes and see things from their perspective. In essence, you help them carry their burdens and vice versa. With empathy, you don't always need an immediate solution to their problem; you just need to be there for them in whatever way they need.

4. Mutual Respect

Mutual respect, like trust, also falls under the 10 qualities of a good marriage. Having mutual respect in a marriage means that the thoughts and feelings of both partners are equally valued. It also allows for you and your partner to set healthy boundaries that will be honored.

With mutual respect in a marriage, neither partner focuses on belittling or tearing down the other. You avoid dismissive behaviors regarding your partner's feelings, thoughts, and opinions. Instead, you always consider their feelings and treat them with kindness and consideration.

A marriage based on mutual respect is a happy relationship. When both partners feel like they can approach a situation without the fear of being needlessly criticized or demeaned, they will work harder to keep the relationship going. Respect also allows you to build trust over time.

You don't want your relationship to just look picture-perfect in your wedding photos. A good marriage has a solid foundation that is built on trust. This lays the groundwork for a resilient partnership that will flourish.

5. Healthy Compromise

Good relationships are a balance of give and take. This entails letting both partners have a say in the decision-making process. One person does not hold all of the power over the other one.

Some couples think that compromise only involves deciding what movie to watch or what restaurant to order from. But the truth is, life can change in the blink of an eye and require you to make quick decisions. One partner could get offered a high-paying job in another state or even another country.

Compromise relates to having flexibility and adaptability. It also means that you engage in good communication to discuss the pros and cons of any potential decisions. The ultimate decision must be of benefit to both partners in some way. Healthy compromise means offering a viable solution or honoring a reasonable request of your partner in exchange for their sacrifice. The next time a decision comes into play, the final decision will revert back to your partner to keep the relationship balanced and not one-sided.

6. Quality Time

In your day-to-day lives, you'll likely get busy with work responsibilities, appointments, and other obligations that can take up your time. By the time you and your partner see each other at the end of a long day, you may not have the time or the energy you need to devote to them. Without committing the proper time to your partner, your connection to one another can fade. Setting aside quality time to be with your partner is essential. This doesn't mean sitting side by side on the couch looking at your phones until it's time to go to bed.

Real quality time is about devoting certain days and times to regular date nights. It's a time when you can reconnect as a couple without your usual distractions. Talk to each other about your lives if you haven't had many opportunities to communicate during the week. Quality time is one of the fundamental 10 qualities of a good marriage. It helps to keep your relationship spark alive.

7. Support

A marriage is also referred to as a partnership for good reason. You are both in it together. You are there for each other through all of the ups and downs that life will inevitably bring.

If one of you is sick or injured, the other partner will need to be the caretaker. If your partner loses their job, the financial burden may fall on you until they can find another job. You are there to lean on one another through it all. Support can come in many different forms. You may need to support a partner through the loss of a family member. But support can also be as simple as just being there with a compassionate heart and a listening ear. You and your partner should act like one another's cheerleaders. Always look for ways you can bolster each other and provide some much-needed encouragement.

As one of the 10 qualities of a good marriage, you should constantly strive to offer your partner your unwavering support and care in whatever ways possible.

8. Shared Interests and Goals

Similarities may be more common in couples than the previously thought "opposites attract" concept. A recent study published in the journal Nature Human Behavior found that couples can share as much as 89% of the same traits. Couples who are vastly different from each other may mesh well at first based on elements like lust and attraction. But when these aspects fade with time, couples who have nothing else in common will often drift apart. The differences can become glaringly obvious, especially relating to politics, religion, and personal habits.

Having shared interests and goals is a major part of the 10 qualities of a good marriage. Shared interests give you a common ground to bond over. While having common traits is a basis for enhancing compatibility. It's also important to set and align your goals as a couple for your future together. You can set goals like buying a house, starting a family, or traveling the world and work together to find ways to make these goals a reality.

9. Intimacy

You may think you're in the clear if you've gotten this far, but don't buy your dress or your wedding flowers just yet because this is a big one. Intimacy is one of the major top 10 qualities of a good marriage, but it can be one of the biggest obstacles for some couples.

It's crucial for a couple to have a healthy and fulfilling sex life in the bedroom to keep their bond strong. If one partner is constantly left feeling unfulfilled in their needs, it can lead to unhappiness and resentment in the marriage. If one partner feels uncomfortable doing certain things, they need to be able to express themselves.

Intimacy extends far beyond more than just sexual chemistry. It also relates to the emotional closeness both partners feel with one another. It is the ability to be vulnerable and to talk openly about specific needs and desires. Understanding one another's intimacy needs and limitations can be a challenge, but it's a worthwhile component of a happy relationship.

10. Conflict Resolution

No marriage is going to be 100% perfect all the time. It's just best to accept that right now. You will have your fights and disagreements. How you handle these fights and disagreements is what's most important. It's easy to get caught up in the moment when you're having a fight and resort to name-calling or getting physical. Utilizing proper conflict resolution helps you keep your cool and prevents the argument from escalating any further. Identify what may have led to the fight. Did you forget an important date or event? Were you not listening intently enough to your partner?

Calmly try to talk the issue out. If things are too heated, take some time to go to separate rooms to calm down. Once you are both composed, come back to seek the proper resolution to the issue at hand through respectful communication. You also need to use what you've learned from your conflicts as a couple to keep these issues from happening again in the near future. Address any of your potential setbacks or shortcomings to become a better partner.

Say "I Do" Your Way with Rebel Weddings in Nevada Every couple is different and unique. But if you're looking for how to prepare for marriage, these 10 qualities of a good marriage are an ideal place to start for building a lasting, happy relationship.

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